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Water Remediation

Mold Removal

AMP General Contractors understands the urgency there is when dealing with mold damage. Mold is one of the most toxic substances to humans and can greatly affect their livelihood, so making your your home is “mold-free” is our goal! AMP General Contractors takes its water remediation service very seriously and we work with insurance companies and home owners to make sure that your home is taken care of in regards to mold damage. To first take on mold, one must understand how it thrives and how to remove it. There are many types of mold which release tremendous amounts of spores if disturbed. This can be extremely hazardous to one’s health and must not be inhaled. If you encounter mold in your home, please call AMP General Contractors as we can get the proper team of mold remediation specialists to rectify your mold problem! We can perform mold tests and safely remove any harmful mold that is detected on your property. Call AMP General Contractors for all of your mold removal needs!

Water Damage

AMP General Contractors has a wide network of water damage experts that will respond to most water damage situations, swiftly. The experts at AMP General Contractors specialize in water cleanup in the North NJ and surrounding area and we will work hard to fully restore your property to its pre-damaged state. We provide a full scope of work and report on the inspection and we assess the situation, removing all standing water and puddles from the premises. Additionally, if remediation is needed, AMP General Contractors works hard to remove harmful bacteria, mold, and odors from your property. After remediation is complete, we are well equipped to begin any reconstruction after your property is completely dry. We work hard to restore your property to make it look like nothing ever happened. At AMP General Contractors, we try our best to make any water damage and remediation process as hassle-free as possible. Put your trust with AMP General Contractors and let us handle all of your water damage and remediation needs! Call or contact us today.

Sewage Backup

The devastation that a sewage back up leaves behind is one of the most unpleasant and frustrating occurrences that can happen to one’s home. It leaves an absolute mess and the clean up can prove to be very difficult. Clean up and repair will require a professional sewage clean up team that provides the services that will fully restore and repair any property loss and damages. Any damage involving black water, septic tank back-ups or an overflow, will most likely contain sewage. If any of these situations occur, you need a trusted specialist to restore your property! The right team of professionals will stop any micro-organisms and pathogens from growing and will push forward with clean up to restore your home. AMP General Contractors has a team of professionals that offers quality services for sewer back up and work with you to get the right price for the job. We service the entire State of New Jersey.