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General Contractor

Fully Licensed

AMP General Contractors is a fully licensed and insured general contracting company from New Jersey. Established in 2017, AMP General Contractors has quickly catapulted its way into the industry as one of the leading providers of general contracting in the state. AMP General Contractors team of licensed contractors and project managers will insure that each and every one of our customer’s next home improvement or home repair project gets done on time and gets the proper attention it deserves. AMP General Contractors understands that finishing a big home improvement or repair in a home may be a difficult task, but our team of licensed and insured contractors work diligently to finish the job on time and on budget!


The skilled general contractors and project managers at AMP General Contractors approach each job with details in mind. Once they enter a job site, they will know right away what needs to be brought up to code to pass inspection or what needs to be done in order to proceed forward with the project, taking into account all necessary details. Talent like that can only be found at AMP General Contractors since our project managers and general contractors have had over 20+ years of experience in the field and have tackled jobs ranging from both residential and commercial. Contact the AMP General Contractors team today for all of your general contacting needs!

On Time, On Budget!

Being on time and on budget is AMP General Contractors’s motto. AMP understands that maintaining communication and being efficient is key in the general contracting and construction world. Our general contractors and project managers provide a detailed report to our customers, showing a time table of the work that needs to be done with estimates in project completion. We believe by establishing such means of communication with our customers, we give assurance and confidence to them that their home improvement or home repair will get done in an orderly fashion! Our project managers also understand that staying on budget is critical to the success of not only our customer’s home improvement or repair project, but as well as our own! With our vast team of artisan craftsmen, carpenters, restoration experts, plumbers and more, our customers can rest easy knowing that their home repairs are being well taken care of.

Unmatched Workmanship

Our general contractors at AMP General Contractors are hand-picked individuals that display the highest level of professionalism, excellence and craftsmanship in the state. We hire and work with only the best people! Not only do we have a great team of general contractors and project managers, we also have an arsenal of skilled craftsmen, workers, plumbers, painters, restoration experts, remediation personnel, carpenters and more under our banner. Our reputation and 20+ years of combined experience says it all because we have almost done it all. Whether your next project is home remediation, interior painting, heating maintenance or some other home improvement or repair, you can count on AMP General Contractors and its staff to take on the job!