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Add Value To Your Home

With AMP General Contractors, our customers can bet their bottom dollar that we will assist them in remedying all of their home’s flooring needs. Our team of skilled craftsmen are as professional as they come and are top-notch with the excellent work that they do. They understand that a brand new floor adds a substantial amount of value to a home and they will work hard to assure the caliber of the work is up to par. AMP General Contractors understands that this is a common misunderstanding that people have when making a decision in a home improvement upgrade, so this is why we work hard to get our customer the best deal possible in their new home’s next flooring project. We assure them that we can get the job done on time and on budget! Call AMP General Contractors today to discuss your homes next big flooring project and add value back to your home!

Excellent Workmanship

AMP General Contractors has an excellent team craftsmen, carpenters and flooring experts for your convenience. When it comes to flooring, AMP General Contractors should be the first company to call, and here’s why! AMP General Contractors has a combined 20+ years of experience in flooring and we’ve worked extensively in installing flooring for residential and commercial establishments. At AMP General Contractors, we understand that the cost of new flooring can weigh on a customer’s mind. To give our customers ease of mind, we work diligently to understand their situation so that we can get them the best rate possible. Whether they are interested in doing a remodeling of their home, adding value to their home with new flooring or doing a complete restoration after a disaster has struck their home, our customers can count on AMP General Contractors to guide them throughout the entire process!

No Job Too Big or Small

At AMP General Contractors, no flooring job is to big or small! We specialize in residential and commercial flooring, offering many different materials to choose from to give our customer’s home or place of business the floor they desire. Our experienced craftsmen and flooring experts have worked in a variety of different sized rooms in homes and commercial establishments so they are experienced in applying the correct methodology to get the job done right. AMP General Contractor’s flooring experts are familiar with all types of flooring material. We give recommendations of what type of flooring best suits our customers’s needs but ultimately it’s up to them to make the decision. Whichever material they want for their new floor, they know they can rest easy knowing that AMP General Contractors will install their new flooring correctly the first time! Call or click today to schedule a quote for your next big flooring project!

Cost Effective Options

As mentioned before, AMP General Contractors specialize in cost-effective options for any residential or commercial flooring project. We have a vast network of flooring experts and specialists under our wing and AMP General Contractors can immediately be your on way stop to finding the floor you’ve always wanted. We have worked with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, epoxy and many more! Pick up the phone or contact us today through our contact form to schedule a quote! We will come to your home or place of business and take the appropriate measurements and after that is all set and done, we usually provide a quote the same day! Contact us, today!